vmtouch: File system cache diagnostics and control

From the topic above, you may have remembered one of our former post “what data is cached by operation system“. This is a similar tool as Fincore, but it’s more powerful. It’s written in C and supports UNIX and unix-like systems.

The installation is quite simple, you just need to download the source code, and run below command to compile it:

$ gcc -Wall -O3 -o vmtouch vmtouch.c

The usage examples can be seen at its homepage.

Its key features are:

  • How much data of a file (or a directory) is currently in cache.
  • Bring a file (or part of a file) into system memory.
  • Ask the system to evict a specified file from memory, making room for other files.
  • Daemonise and lock specified files into physical memory (Make sense?)

Want to have a try? Please click this link: http://hoytech.com/vmtouch/


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