How to run 32bit application under x64 system

Sometimes you do not have access to source code or you really do not want to compile the code. Then Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the service called ia32el. The ia32el package contains IA-32 Execution Layer platform which allows emulation of IA-32 binaries on IA-64.(i.e. it allows to run 32-bit applications through the use of Intel’s IA-32 Execution Layer). The IA-32 Execution Layer and 32-bit compatibility packages provide a runtime environment for 32-bit applications on the 64-bit native RedHat Linux distribution.

Use rpm command to verify that it is installed:

# rpm -qa | grep ia32el

If it is not installed then install it via up2date command or install it from other extra CD provided by Red Hat Linux.  Once installed you can start service with command:
# service ia32el start
Check the status of service:

# service ia32el status

And make sure you have /emul dir. If this failes then you need to recompile the package from source code again on 64-bit system. Also make sure you update ia32el package, it has some bugs that can cause problem.

See Red Hat Linux documentation for more information. I’ve successfully install skype 32bit version on a 64bit laptop, and it’s running smoothly during the passed months. If you face any further issues, please leave me a message here.

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