GraphicsMagick vs. ImageMagick

This is a benchmark report from GraphicsMagick’s offical website. I record it here just for a quick refer, I may need it in the following days. As it’s from GraphicsMagick itself, simply dont trust the results, just pay more attention on how they performed their benchmark. Smile

Introduction GraphicsMagick 1.3 has been benchmarked against the most recent ImageMagick release available at time of release. ImageMagick has recently been significantly updated to use OpenMP as has GraphicsMagick 1.3. Several disparate types of systems were used in our testing. We are pleased to see that ImageMagick’s performance has improved significantly on the benchmark that we posted earlier (see GraphicsMagick 1.2 Benchmarks). It seems that access to the useful benchmark and GraphicsMagick source code has been quite helpful to ImageMagick in order to resolve many of the performance issues.

Executive Summary GraphicsMagick is typically 1.5 to 5X faster at executing image processing operations from the command line than ImageMagick 6.4.5 is. Some ImageMagick algorithms run as much as 262X slower on three year old hardware. ImageMagick 6.4.5 only runs adequately on the latest high-end hardware with large caches, and runs poorly on most of the installed computing base. Even on the latest high-end hardware, GraphicsMagick is much more efficient than ImageMagick.

For the original version:  GraphicsMagick vs ImageMagick Benchmark Report

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