Scrollback in GNU Screen

A quick note: How to scrollback in GNU Screen. In GNU Screen press Ctrl + a + [ to enter Copy Mode, then scroll up/down using keys j or k. Below are some other navigation keys:

h - Move the cursor left by one character
j - Move the cursor down by one line
k - Move the cursor up by one line
l - Move the cursor right by one character
0 - Move to the beginning of the current line
$ - Move to the end of the current line.
G - Moves to the specified line (defaults to the end of the buffer).
C-u - Scrolls a half page up.
C-b - Scrolls a full page up.
C-d - Scrolls a half page down.
C-f - Scrolls the full page down.

You can also use activate copy mode of GNU Screen by Ctrl + Esc that might be more useful than Ctrl + a + [ shortcut.
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