Pysswords: Command-line password management tool

PythonPysswords is a python based tool that can be used to manage your passwords in command-line. Its encryption is done with GnuGPG using AES256. You can take a look at pysswords.crypt module to know more. 

At the first time I knew about it I realized that I can use it to manage all my passwords, including the ones for websites, and the ones for servers’ console logins.

Here is a list of the features of Pysswords:

  • Manage multiple databases support
  • Add, edit, remove credentials
  • Copy passwords to clipboard, or list as a table in command line
  • Search credentials by name, login or comments
  • Search with regular expression
  • Bulk update/remove credentials
  • Grouping credentials
  • Exporting/Importing Pysswords database
  • Importing credentials from 1Password
  • Randomly generated credential passwords
  • Undo/Redo updates to the database

On its project page, you can find more details, which is on Github,

By the way, if we want to use it to manage hundreds of passwords for servers, some coding work is needed since it does not support plain text passwords importing as in its current stable release v0.0.12.

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