OS X Application to balance your rest and work time

When we are at work with a laptop, we normally kind of overwork and forget to give our eyes a rest. Here we will show two applications in OS X platform to manage our time. I have been searching for this kind of applications for a while, these two applications are personally recommended and they both are menu bar applications and can auto start at login.

MagicanRest – http://www.magicansoft.com/

DMagican Rest is a free time reminder. It rescues Mac users from overworking and helps users arrange working time properly! Several clicks to preset rest intervals and duration and then Magican Rest will do the rest, reminding users of having a break at the set time. Magican Rest fully covers the users’ screen during rest time and freezes all operations during the allotted rest time. Magican Rest allows users to return back to work after the preset time has passed. Magican Rest helps users balance their rest and work time!

Here is the major configuration page for your reference:
MagicanRest configuration

You can also check this video at Youtube for more details.


Remind – Here

It is very easy to use too.

If you have any other recommended reminder applications, please kindly to leave us a reply 🙂

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