Understanding Sphinx status report

The –status command line option is used to query running searchd instance status, using the connection details from the provided configuration file. It tries to connect to the running instance using the first configured UNIX socket or TCP port. On success, it will query for a number of status and performance counter values and print them. You can use Status() API call to access the very same counters from your application.

Here comes an Example:

joseph@demo:~$ searchd --config /home/deploy/shared/sphinx/production.sphinx.conf --status
Sphinx 0.9.9-id64-release (r2117)
Copyright (c) 2001-2009, Andrew Aksyonoff

using config file '/home/deploy/shared/sphinx/production.sphinx.conf'...

searchd status
uptime: 1354213
connections: 40225
maxed_out: 0
command_search: 40224
command_excerpt: 0
command_update: 0
command_keywords: 0
command_persist: 0
command_status: 1
agent_connect: 0
agent_retry: 0
queries: 40224
dist_queries: 0
query_wall: 1213.349
query_cpu: OFF
dist_wall: 0.000
dist_local: 0.000
dist_wait: 0.000
query_reads: OFF
query_readkb: OFF
query_readtime: OFF
avg_query_wall: 0.030
avg_query_cpu: OFF
avg_dist_wall: 0.000
avg_dist_local: 0.000
avg_dist_wait: 0.000
avg_query_reads: OFF
avg_query_readkb: OFF
avg_query_readtime: OFF

What’s the meaning of these values returned from search daemon –status? Here we go.

Anyway if you want to know more, don’t forget to read its source code which can be downloaded here.

connections: 40225
Total number of connections to searchd since started

command_search: 40224
It’s the same as queries below. The number of queries that received.

command_update: 0
It’s the calls to updateAttributes().

command_persist: 0
Number of times persistent connections have been used

command_status: 1
number of times you run the status command (the one we used above to print these counts)

queries: 40224
The number of queries received.

query_wall: 1213.349
Total time running queries.

dist_wall: 0.000
Total time running distributed queries.

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