The Most Important Parts of HTML5

Technically, HTML5 is a specification from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (Footnote 2). HTML5 is a useful term to describe the rapid changes that are currently happening to the Web platform. This is what the author will mean when he use the term “HTML5” here. What he referred to is the formal specification as “W3C HTML5”.

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Although the W3C HTML5 specification is not going to be officially complete until 2014, the specification finished last call review earlier this week (Aug 3rd, 2011) so there are unlikely to be any radical changes in the next three years before finalization.

Here are the highlights in this post:

  1. Faster Javascript Engines
  2. WebSockets
  3. Binary Data Types (Typed Arrays and Blobs)
  4. Web Audio API
  5. Canvas 2D Context
  6. CSS3 and WOFF
  7. Local Storage, Offline Applications and the File APIs
  8. Web Workers
  9. SVG 1.1/2.0
  10. WebGL
  11. All the Rest

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