Admon: Migrated from Linode to DigitalOcean

About two years, I migrated from Leaseweb to Linode, and my cost on hosting reduced by 50% that time. Linode is a great hosting provider and I never had even one issue with their service in the two years when I was with them.

They have a very nice control panel, and their help and support articles are unmatched. However, the appeal of Digital Ocean could not be ignored, specifically the significant reduction in cost. I got 75% reduction this time.


Someone performed a nice benchmarking over the two services. ┬áThe performance gain of the SSD with Digital Ocean compared to a traditional disk drive with Linode is very noticeable. Linode does have Digital Ocean beat in terms of CPU performance though, but for my needs as a web host and general playground, I’d much rather have the faster IO time.

As more than one months passed, I see good performance on the the VPS so far. As for now, DigitalOcean is still very new, and I’m not sure how long that $5/mo price point will last. Hopefully things continue to go well!

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