Fedora-12 released and whats new

Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release about every six months. Fedora-12 have several major new features with special focus on desktops, netbooks, virtualization and system administration. The most important features are:

Virtualization improvements – Not content with all the improvements in Fedora 11, the project have kicked virtualization based on KVM up another notch in Fedora 12. There are extensive improvements in performance, management, and resource sharing, and still more security enhancements. A new library (libguestfs) and an interactive tool (guestfish) are now available for directly accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images. Richard W.M. Jones from Red Hat’s virtualization team has a list of extensive virtualization tools available and coming up for Fedora.

SELinux sandbox – It is now possible to confine applications’ access to the system and run them in a secure sandbox that takes advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of SELinux. Dan Walsh, SELinux developer at Red Hat, explains the details at livejournal.com.

Smaller and faster updates – In Fedora 11, the optional yum-presto plugin, developed by Fedora contributor Jonathan Dieter, reduced update size by transmitting only the changes in the updated packages. Now, the plugin is installed by default. Also, RPMs now use XZ rather than gzip for compression, providing smaller package sizes without the memory and CPU penalties associated with bzip2. This lets us fit more software into each Fedora image, and uses less space on mirrors, making their administrators’ lives a little easier. Thanks to the Fedora infrastructure team for their excellent work in setting up the infrastructure to generate delta RPMs on the fly for all the updates.

Download Fedora 12 (Unite) Now!

For more details please check the release announcement here.

A full feature list is also supplied by FedoraProject.Org

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