Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) RC1 released

Debian LinuxThe first release candidate of Debian 7.0 (a.k.a. Wheezy) was released yesterday. As always, it comes with lots of attractive designs. Here is a list of the major ones that may draw your attention.





  • Kernel version for Debian Wheezy is 3.2.+
  • Ext4 is now the default filesystem for new installations.
  • Systemd comes as an option.
  • LibreOffice replaces
  • Ffmpeg is replaced by libav. Debian whey comes with full-featured libav libraries and front ends, including e.g. mplayer, mencoder, vlc and transcode.
  • Virtualization management stack: OpenStack and XCP
  • Tokens based authentication enhancement for OATH, and an OpenID implementation by SimpleID (can work with LDAP and dynalogin).

For programmers, the new environment is,

  • Python 2.7 as the default Python 2.X interpreter (2.6 remains supported)
  • Python 3.2 as the default Python 3.X interpreter
  • Ruby – 1.9 as default version, 1.8 still available, but will be dropped in Wheezy+1


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