MPB: Comparison of MyISAM Infobright and MonetDB

This post is originally created by Baron Schwartz at MPB (A.k.a. days ago.

What follows is not a realistic benchmark, it’s not scientific, it’s just some quick and dirty tinkering. Baron threw up an Ubuntu 9.04 small server on Amazon. (Because there’s a .deb of MonetDB for it), and created a table with 200 integer columns and loaded it with random numbers between 0 and 10000. He used default tuning, out of the box, for all three databases.

The performance testings was led by three simple queries, which is much informative. And of course, the comments are as informative as well, which worths a careful read too.

Read the post at MPB:  Quick comparison of MyISAM, Infobright, and MonetDB

Thank MPB for the nice work 🙂

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